Pushing the Performance Limits of Datacenter Networks

PowerTCP is a fine-grained congestion control algorithm designed to satisfy the increasingly stringent throughput and latency requirements of datacenter networks. PowerTCP leverages the novel notion of Power that bridges the gap between inflight-based and rate-based schemes. PowerTCP comes with two flavors depending on the type of network feedback: based on In-band Network Telemetry (INT) and based on delay or Round-Trip-Time (RTT).



12-04-2022 RDMA based implementation in NS3 is now available!

10-02-2022 Peter Bengert starts part-time on DPDK-based implementation of PowerTCP

10-02-2022 John Thorben Hinz starts his thesis on PowerTCP’s implementation and evaluation in the Linux Kernel

11-12-2021 PowerTCP accepted to NSDI 2022.